AMAZONIEN - Fascination of tropical rainforest

 © (c)asisi GmbH
© (c)asisi GmbH

Fascination of the Tropical Rainforest

A world to marvel at – fascinating, wonderful and incredibly exciting. Incredibly captivating charms of nature that are often unknown. This is how the Berlin artist Yadegar Asisi immortalized this world in his panorama AMAZONIA. Trees that reach far into the sky, long roots that seem to hang from the air, green twilight and the concert of animals living here resounding with thousands of voices. The AMAZONIA panorama presents the diversity and beauty of remote Brazilian rainforests on a 1:1 scale. The painting measures approximately 106 meters in length and 27 meters in height.

As part of the AMAZONIA project, artist Yadegar Asisi created a hyper-realistic art space that depicts the various geological formations found in the tropical rainforest, reflecting all their complexity. The cylindrical panorama shows mountain rainforests and river plains, glades and reservoirs, giant trees and a vast valley. After a long period of observation, exotic inhabitants of this natural environment emerge from the thicket of the plant cosmos: including: brightly colored carnivorous plants, colonies of giant ants and indigenous hunters.

Yadegar Asisi traveled to the Amazon four times to capture the genius loci and create a concept for the rainforest panorama. During these travels, he took tens of thousands of photographs, as well as countless sketches and watercolors, which he used to create this work. The main inspiration and driving force behind Yadegar Asisi was the immense biodiversity of tropical nature and the complex mechanisms of the ecosystem.
Visitors can discover the strange world of the rainforest by taking a panoramic walk. A light installation simulating day and night, as well as a soundscape and music specially composed by Eric Babak help create a realistic atmosphere.


until probably mid-2025


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