What is a “Panometer”?

The term “Panometer” is composed of PANOrama and gasoMETER. Quite a difference from many other museums in Dresden. Over the past years, Panometer Dresden has become an established tourist attraction in Dresden, allowing millions of visitors to step into past times through 360°-panoramas.

Our panoramas were created by artist Yadegar Asisi. Since 2003, he has been creating unique panoramas and presenting them in former gasometers or specifically built rotundas in Germany and France.

Discover two of the world's largest 360°-panoramas with an area of 3,000 m², and enjoy a realistic view of the 27-metre-high panorama from our 15-metre-high platform. Matching background noises, musical contributions and light simulations will take you directly to the world of the particular panorama.

Since December 2006, Yadegar Asisi's panoramas are being exhibited at Panometer Dresden. Since then, the partnership with the municipal utility SachsenEnergie -- landlord of the historic property in Dresden-Reick, which is listed for monumental protection -- has been in place.