360° panorama fascination

Take a unique journey back to Dresden’s past and experience the city in a 360° Panorama! Artist Yadegar Asisi’s panoramas tower 27 m high and have been an insider tip among exhibitions and museums in Dresden since 2006.

At Panometer Dresden you are able to experience two of the world's biggest panoramas on over 3,000qm², which artist Yadegar Asisi creates since 2003. 

Out of numerous photographs, drawings, and paintings, the artist composes his 360°-artworks. They emerge from innumerable image planes on the computer before they are printed and assembled on big fabric panels, and staged in the round buildings. 

Aside from Panometer Dresden, Yadegar Asisi’s panoramas are shown at Panometer Leipzig, at Checkpoint Charlie and Pergamonmuseum in Berlin, at Gasometer Pforzheim and in Lutherstadt-Wittenberg.

The inventor of the panorama – Robert Barker

The term “panorama” can be used in various contexts. However, it was invented by a 18th-century painter: Robert Barker. One day, the Irish man who lived in Scotland went on a walk in Edinburgh, looked around, and asked himself: If a painter puts up a canvas, it covers exactly what he is trying to paint. So he started to paint exactly what was hiding behind the canvas. As he was done painting the first canvas, he put up a second one right beside it. He continued to do so until he had turned 360° and the multiple canvases built a circle. Barker took the canvases back to his atelier, put them in the correct order and placed himself in the center. He noticed that the viewer feels like he was in the park in Edinburgh himself.
The phenomenon: The viewer is in a real connection to his own body. He sees the picture on a scale of 1:1. The word “panorama” (greek pan (“all”), and horama (“view”)) was born.

At the world exhibition 1900 in Paris, the last painted panoramas were presented. Due to technological progress, they were superseded by film and photography. In 1993, Yadegar Asisi discovered the art form panorama for himself and continues to develop them further with the help of modern technologies.

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