Yadegar Asisi

Since 2003, the artist Yadegar Asisi, who grew up in Saxony and lives in Berlin, has been creating the largest 360°-panoramas in the world, measuring up to 32 metres in height with a circumference of up to 110 metres. Since the launch of the EVEREST pilot project in a former gasometer in Leipzig, Yadegar Asisi’s work has spread to exhibition halls across many cities in Germany and abroad.

Born to Persian parents in Vienna, Austria in 1955, the artist spent his childhood in Halle (Saale) and Leipzig, Germany. His career as an architect, painter, and draughtsman, which he completed as a cross-border commuter between East Germany at Technical University Dresden, and West Germany at Berlin's University of the Arts, ultimately lead to the artistic space of the panorama in the 1990s.

Once you have drawn an object you have truly understood it.” – Yadegar Asisi

Since Asisi discovered the art space panorama for himself in 1993, he continues to develop the art form, never forgetting his academic appreciation of art. He places great emphasis on perspective, and on the theory of shape, colour and pigment, among others.

A multidisciplinary team in Kreuzberg, Berlin helps Yadegar Asisi to implement his projects.