The new special exhibition in the Dresden Panometer: Experience BAROQUE.

Architecture, art, festivals, pictures and the baroque king - immerse yourself in baroque life then and now with the help of large digital steles. In cooperation with the Dresden State Art Collections, there are not only hundreds of pictures to admire - an interactive map will also provide inspiration for your next walk through the city.

Rediscover your favorite places. Each digital stele provides insights into a specific topic. With the touch function, you determine the speed at which you view text and images.

There is so much to see because Dresden has many facets and a rich history. Last but not least, beauty is said to have been invented here. In the 18th century, a modest city on the Elbe grew into a magnificent metropolis. The old Dresden exists again and again. More beautiful than ever. It particularly impresses with its breathtaking, magnificent architecture.

Dresden's museums are known for their collections of extraordinary, fantastic art. In the baroque period, artists mainly served the reputation of the rulers and designed their palaces opulently.

Higher, shinier, more spectacular was the motto of baroque festival culture. From the Opera Ball to the Night of Castles, the Palais Sommer to the Music Festival and the Stollen Festival: the people of Dresden know how to throw grandiose celebrations.

The Baroque period is also known for incredible pictures. The painter Bernardo Bellotto, who called himself Canaletto, is the creator of those large-format paintings that have shaped the image of baroque Florence on the Elbe to this day. After all, his most famous panorama is based on a hoax. You can find out what that is in our special exhibition.

The Dresden Baroque and the "Augustian Age" are closely linked. Royal power and greed determine what has been handed down to us to this day. August the Strong and his son Friedrich August had ruled since 1694. But the "Golden Age" began with his death.

"Dresden - experience BAROCK" is shown parallel to DRESDEN IM BAROCK and its accompanying exhibition in the Panometer Dresden.